Southend Farm

Kithurst Builders has helped convert some barns at Southend Farm near Chichester into a wedding venue like no other......  In conjunction with the client and Five Oak Projects, the Barns have been converted in as sustainable manner possible, with natural products such as hemp and wood fibre being used . Please see Southend Farm website below for further details.  We have also recently completed the installation of a biomass boiler to meet their heating needs.

Extension & Eco-Refurbishment

Blackbrooke is an eco-refurbishment to an existing 1930's bungalow with a large extension and garage. It has a high level of thermal insulation, solar thermal panels and a solid wood boiler.


It was a pleasure working with BBM, whose design employed the use of lots of natural materials such as hemp, woodfibre, lime render etc.


Low Energy New Build - Hylters

This crescent shaped low energy dwelling is being built using the Nudura ICF (insulated concrete formwork) system. Like a Passiv Haus this building has been designed to be air tight. The high levels of insulation, shape and orientation of the building mean that it will require virtually no additional heating throughout the year


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Barn Conversion

A barn and garden that Kithurst Builders renovated in Lodsworth, West Sussex


Extension - Traditional Brickwork

These are a few pictures of the completed new refractory on the Our Lady Of England Priory, Storrington.